In God’s Time


( taken from 2 Peter chapter 3)

Many people wonder if there is any truth that Jesus will come again and judge the world because the pulse of life remains the same. We still have seasons, sun, stars, etc., but what we forget is that God destroyed the ancient world by creating a flood. The world at that time was filled with ungodly people and they perished. So what is God waiting for before He exercises His judgment again? The reason is that “He is not willing that any should perish but all should come to repentance..” (2 Peter 3:9). The day of the Lord is described as a thief in the night, as the heavens and earth are destroyed with intense heat and all things as we know it are dissolved. So what are we waiting for? Let us kneel before the Lord our Maker and ask forgiveness for our sins. He is waiting in the wings to make you His own—–a blessed child of God!

By Judy Whittaker